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In my mind, remodeling is all about using creativity and imagination to improve your living space. Much of the work is done on paper, the rest with craftspeople; ultimately, the results are astonishing.

Bearing wall about to be removed

Bearing wall about to be removed

I daydream back when my North End home was built 73 years ago. Folks likely knew how many bedrooms and bathrooms they would like. They would locate an architect or draftsman that would create plans that would both fulfill their needs and support the structure safely. There were no cookie cutter homes, like those that we have today back in those days.

Once a floor plan was settled upon the construction crew executed the plan and the home was built.

The evolution of building science and materials has exploded in the past century

A lot has happened in the past century with how we live today and availability of stronger lighter building materials, and fastening devices that allow stronger connections than nails. Roof and floor trusses weren’t even invented until 1952. The innovations of our generation have allowed us to substantially alter homes without taking away from their structural integrity.

A Load Bearing Wall is one that supports the structure as opposed to A Partition Wall, which does not. When removing a load bearing wall, one must be very cautious that the structure is not compromised. Being able to identify which walls are bearing ones takes some investigating above and below the suspect wall. (Guessing wrong will have consequences).

Another bearing wall must go

Another bearing wall about to go away

Let’s open this home up

Opening up and eliminating unnecessary walls has been a signature move of Levco for over a decade. We anticipate repeating this little trick for years to come. The devil is in the details, understanding the engineering and setting the replacement beams; often above the ceiling is one of our signature moves.

On a recent framing inspection of a bearing wall beam replacement, the building inspector slid his hands into his pockets as he looked the thing over, admiring how we hid the beam up above the ceiling height, he said “Joe, I believe this is the first time I have ever seen a bearing wall replacement done correctly on the first inspection!” Nothing could have made me more proud. It was said in front of my client too!

Levco is all about finding clever solutions to remodeling problems, removing bearing walls correctly is a trademark of our work. I often joke about “spraying a little wall-be-gone”. Truthfully, it’s a little more complicated than that.

“I can’t believe we lived here before the remodel”

Looking through a former bearing wall

Looking through a former bearing wall

Having open spaces allows what was a cramped compartmentalized home to be transformed into an open flowing one. Although is seems like an addition was done, we made these homes seem larger by rearranging the kitchen and removing a bearing wall in each one. What was accomplished in these three homes was a dream come true, and nothing short of amazing.

Every home in our area is unique. A solution to your remodeling needs may be just a bearing wall removal away. Call us today for a complimentary in home evaluation. We believe it is the first step in updating and improving your home and lifestyle.

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