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Recirculation Is Alive at Levco

We are here to serve the community in ways that are amazing. We have dreams of creating a system that changes the course of materials being taken to the landfill. By diverting materials away from the landfill, we will be preserving our landfill for years to come. At Levco, we participate in this process and...

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Professional Remodeling & Demolition

There are so many steps to accomplish before we demolish anything. To the unseasoned contractor it is very easy to start things off incorrectly that will have a ripple affect down the line. In our process, hazard testing and line location have already happened long before the hammers start to swing. On larger projects, Pre-Demolition...

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Is Deconstruction for You?

In addition to being a remodeling contractor Levco is your local Deconstruction Specialist. Deconstruction Boise Total or partial deconstruction: We can take a building down to dirt or to the foundation, your choice. Soft Strip: We can also take a kitchen out or gut a house, your call. We take materials that still have life...

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Demolition vs. Deconstruction Levco Style

I recently discovered that although the words sound similar that there is quite a difference in the results. Using the words interchangeably is not OK. A contractor who contacted me the other day was in the process of demolishing a building and seemed a little off kilter when I caught him misusing the word. The...

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Boise adopts green building code

August 19th 2015 Boise has just adopted the 2012 International Green Construction Code which is an amazing step forward in the world of sustainable construction. Recognizing that Boise wants to be a leader in sustainable building practices, Mayor David Bieter took a giant step forward. Sadly it is not for residential remodeling yet only commercial...

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What goes up must come down

Levco is at it again. Deconstructing, in the name of reuse recycling and repurposing. In this case it is a home that was purchased 15 years ago for the location. The home, although usable was not in any way what the clients wanted. After finding a builder of their own, a conscious decision was made...

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What Is The Opposite Of Construction?

Levco is always looking for opportunities to live up to our core values, one of which is sustainability. The word conjures up all sorts of things in my mind. If you are going to build and remodel in a sustainable way, which we do. One must also take into consideration deconstructing in a sustainable way,...

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Garage Be Gone

Local architects Sherry Mckibben and Doug Cooper knew they wanted to be considerate of the environment when they decided to decommission their 100 year old garage to make way for progress and a new duplex on their north end property. It only took a little internet research for them to land on the Reuse People’s...

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Lead Testing

Lead paint was located by pre-testing and during the demolition phase much of the stucco that had lead paint on it required removal. This was our first experience with stucco removal in a lead safe way. To accomplish this task we initially trained our new employees about LSWP and provided all the necessary protective clothing...

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