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TR Tamper Resistant or Totally Ruined

The 2008 NEC (National Electrical Code) required electricians to install TR or Tamper Resistant outlets in areas that could be abused by children. As the code was adopted gradually from township to township, the little devices were put on the market and the rules started to be enforced. The code reads that if a child...

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Residential Electrical Switchology

I often refer to electrical switchology in my description of work, and I realized it is a word that I invented. It refers to the study of electrical switching. In a home that Levco remodels, it is a big deal. As mentioned in my pet peeves blog, having switches in un-intuitive locations is on the short...

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Major Problem Identified With Digline

I discovered a situation that brings the safety of digging, even after Digline is notified 2 days in advance into question. The assumption I was under is that once the utilities are located it is safe to dig. By Idaho Law, you are obligated to notify Digline if you are digging over 15 inches into...

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Rough In Electrical For Remodeling

During the Design Phase we knew that this home did not have the capacity for running the modern appliances so temporary fixes over the years especially in the kitchen, made for unsafe conditions. This was confirmed during the hard bid trade walk. The electrical rough in is a critical step to accomplish for any remodeling...

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