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Excavation And Remodeling Well

Many of our recent projects, and most of our larger projects call for some sort of excavation. So much so, that we bought our own brand new excavation equipment. Between trying to coordinate others, and rental fees, we found that owning our own just made more sense. This is one more thing that sets Levco...

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What is “Track-Out” and how do we deal with it?

What is “Track-out?” Track out is just like it sounds, a situation where a vehicle in most cases travels into soft soil and tracks the soil out of the job site. Minor track-out: Usually dust or light gravel, often seen with heavy traffic over a period of days or more Medium track-out: Any trail of...

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Major Problem Identified With Digline

I discovered a situation that brings the safety of digging, even after Digline is notified 2 days in advance into question. The assumption I was under is that once the utilities are located it is safe to dig. By Idaho Law, you are obligated to notify Digline if you are digging over 15 inches into...

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Jobsite Safety

Levco Builders has a firm foundation in the safety world Joe is a Flight Paramedic and Diane is a former EMT. We as a company are always looking at our processes and procedures as well as our tools to ensure safety. Although all accidents cant be prevented we pride ourselves in our safety record. From...

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