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Residential Electrical Switchology

I often refer to electrical switchology in my description of work, and I realized it is a word that I invented. It refers to the study of electrical switching. In a home that Levco remodels, it is a big deal. As mentioned in my pet peeves blog, having switches in un-intuitive locations is on the short...

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Sound Transmission Revisited

Sound transmission is a commonly discussed topic in remodeling projects. It is usually comes up in relation to wall assemblies or floor to ceiling assemblies. The premise is that no one wants to hear what is happening in the adjacent space, and can you blame them? In order to understand solving sound transmission for typical...

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Tape And Texture for Remodeling

Taping & Texturing follows on the heels of installation of the drywall. It is the remnants of plastering and is all about getting the connections or seams and nails smooth then adding the texture that we want.When it is done right it blends into the background and is subtle. My Mutha was a Mudda Whether...

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Drywall 101

To most, installing drywall is scary. Even the toughest shy away but our drywall installer David Jurries is a pro. Sheetrock was invented in 1894 and originally was called “Sackett board” for the fellow who invented it Augustine Sackett and his company of the same name. It had a difficult time gaining popularity because it...

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