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Estimated reading time: 1 minute, 31 seconds

Under Mount Sink

Mark and Charles at Artistic Tile and Granite have been our stone and granite go to guy  they have been serving us intermittently for the past five years. whether it is bone yard treasures or slabs they have given our clients the choices and service. We appreciate their attention to detail and outstanding customer service.

Granite as you know is a mother nature thing and is therefore prone to variations and imperfections, I recall a client calling frantic about a black spot in the lime stone counter top. Turns out it was a shell and the plumber who was initially accused of dropping ABS glue on the surface was off the hook.

On this project we are using a polished 3cm Tan Brown with a 3/8″ roll radius edge.

Granite top and tile splash

Tan Brown is mined in India and polished somewhere in the world ( mined stone outside of the US could be processed anywhere and not documented ) then delivered by container ship to Long Beach California then delivered to Las Vegas Nevada via flat bed truck. Our slab was brought here to Boise by Italia Marble & Granite .

We estimate the age of this material was formed during the Archean Eon, that is 2.5-3.8 billion years ago and has undergone a tremendous amount of work to get it from a mountain in India to our home.

It takes about 3-9 days to turn it into a 100 ton block then another 1-3 days to turn it into a slab then another 9 hours to polish it of delicate grinding and sanding before it is ready to be installed here. You can see a cool video on the general process of mountain to counter top on the artistic website.