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I participated in a celebration of life and beating the odds with Paul Tillotson. When faced with information that caps your life expectancy, you have two options, give in, or fight. It provided new meaning to the word deadline. Two years past the ominous date is worthy of a party of major proportions IMHO. It was an honor to be there and a powerful experience I will never forget.

Gratitude is a big word, it encompasses emotion and a sensation of appreciation and thankfulness. It causes me to pause and take it all in. I attended, I partook, and I got some on me. I realized that I needed to share the moment in time with everyone. As I drove away, I made a commitment to look for opportunities in my life to be grateful and experience gratitude on a more frequent basis. Why not carry the torch.

Paul passed away but not before he left me with a mission to carry on his tradition, In his honor, I incorporated a gratitude process into my daily routine and it thrives since my last shift on duty. Truth be told, I am on borrowed time myself after being involved in a helicopter wire strike that should have taken my life.

World Day of Gratitude

Turns out September 21st is already an international day of gratitude. I am going to celebrate it, won’t you join me. What are you grateful for? I want to hear your story. Sounds like Thanksgiving without the relatives, turkey, and hoopla to me.

Save the Date! 9-21

Every September 21st is going to be that day. Details on an annual basis will follow.

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