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By now, I think everyone has seen the Kid President video that has been circulating around the web. I had all but forgotten it when it showed up again at the end of a day long retreat about safety of all things.

I think it was meant to summarize everything that was said and put us all back on the streets, so to speak, with a higher set of aspirations in life.

We were hitting the control + alt + delete buttons simultaneously in an effort to start fresh, and fully rejuvenated.

The Kid President videos left an indelible mark upon me. The darn thing just exudes confidence, compassion, vision, and creativity. I believe it is one of the most inspirational pieces ever put together.

I had the good fortune to be able to attend my son’s National Men’s Junior Olympics meet in Portland, Oregon. He is a gymnast, and as anyone who understands the sport knows, it is unique in that it is an individual and a team sport.

Although similar to every other meet, this one has the best of the best from all over the country. Coaches were getting the most and best out of their boys out on the apparatus for several days. I got to witness some amazing athletes trying to show that they have mastered a sport of physical and mental toughness, and finesse that was awe inspiring.

The Meet

The Meet

This is the proving grounds for the actual international Olympics. I saw only an occasional glimpse of what the big picture is all about. What was cool was that the kids with great grades were recognized as well, which shifts the focus on a good balanced, approach. So, pardon the pun, the bar is raised pretty darn high.

A scholarship to college, a bit of notoriety, an opportunity to root for your kid doing something great. It reminded me about the difference between being involved and being committed.

In a bacon and eggs breakfast, the chicken was involved, the pig is committed.

Eggs & Bacon

Eggs & Bacon

These kids and families are committed to the sport. The common thread is a tight one of sacrifice and joy.

My point today is that doing something awesome is what it is all about. If you ask my son, he will tell you that it is not an accident that these kids do gymnastics, and it is not because the parents force them either.

Just working hard, and being strong, or limber is not enough. You have to be focused, diligent, disciplined, and have a coach that sets the stage for getting you safely beyond what you think you can do.

I remodel because I want to do something awesome for my clients, for me, for my employees, and for my family. I am committed to doing the best job I can, and I follow it up with a promise to be honest, hardworking and focused on getting the job done for you. We work through challenges and above all, have fun doing it.

Let’s Dance!

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