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What we all need

Food, Clothing, and Shelter are humanity’s three most basic needs. Levco is all about improving shelter primarily of homes in the North End of Boise. Levco has been a staple of this special area for the past 15 years.

As a compassionate person, I belong to Rotary, a wonderful service organization that lives the mantra “Service Before Self.” As a company, we have been giving back to our community for years in the form of donating used building materials to Second Chance to be sold for charity. We also continue to feed the hungry through donations of time and food.

The Covid-19 Situation

This is the first global pandemic of our times. How it is affecting our community is unprecedented. Levco Builders is graced with the designation of Essential Workforce and remains open for business, gratefully remodeling homes.

Those living at the extreme end of their means are in the middle of a very difficult situation. To combat the upheaval in their lives and help take responsibility for the wellbeing of our community, we are digging deeper into our pockets and giving at an accelerated rate of our time, talent, and treasure. By joining forces with other organizations we have amplified our call for help and focused our giving.

Please Join Levco in Supporting our Neighbors in Need

Levco has joined forces with The North End Neighborhood Association and has taken action to help generate funds to lessen the blow of the COVID -19 turmoil on our neighbors. Here is how you can help, too.

NINA AID Program