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Levco is a high-performing remodeling firm, we are classified as “A Design Build Firm” because we design the remodeling projects that we do often. Not exclusively, we do work that others have designed especially architects that are willing to do residential work.

Unlike “Spec” home builders or flippers, we work with clients in their homes often while they are living in them. Working with clients presents some unique advantages and some disadvantages.

What We Do is Incredibly Difficult and Risky

Roof Demo

Make no mistake about it, residential remodeling is one of the most difficult professions there is. The risk is insanely high, the rewards are far and few between. We are selling an imaginary product that is a dream on paper then we have to bring it to life all while meeting imaginary expectations that are in direct competition with what the client is seeing play out right in front of them. The interruption in daily routine is front and center. The long-term reward is imaginary until we are gone. I am not here to create monuments to myself. I am doing this because I enjoy it and it fits with my helpful personality.

I used to hear,” I could never do your job” when I was a Flight Paramedic, I rarely hear it now. The risk is less life-threatening I suppose but the risk is substantial and each project lasts much longer. You might say the intensity is less but the long term stress of a project can wear you down.


  1. We get to run everything by our clients so they can make decisions
  2. We get to include our clients in the creative process
  3. The end result is often better than originally imagined
  4. The long term benefits always overshadow the short term disruptions


  1. We are working on their turf.
  2. We are disrupting the routine.
  3. It is exhausting to have remodeling occurring in your personal space.
  4. Understanding exactly why things happen in the order that they do.
  5. Trust can be lost in an instant.

When the going gets tough the tough get going. As natural people-pleasers, we run the risk of over-committing our resources. Sometimes we are let down by delays, and sometimes despite everyone’s best intentions, things happen that are out of our control.

Best Intentions Are Assumed

When we tear into your home, you can bet we are doing everything in our power to protect your living space, we are solely focused upon creating a collaborative exciting new, or improved space together. We are making a dream come true for you right before your eyes. Trust goes both ways.


Our Secret Weapon

On a recent client visit at their request, I realized that we had a communication issue. We have been concentrating on communication during Sales and Design assuming that once in Production that communication was occurring all the time. Turns out that communication during Production needs to be at least a good as it was during Sales and Design. Ours is now because of that beautiful client meeting.

Who Are Our Best Clients?

At over 50 clients per year for the past sixteen years, we have created a pretty good profile of our best clients.

  1. Ones that can make decisions when presented with viable options.
  2. Ones that are understanding and assume we are all on the same team.
  3. Ones that are clear communicators and raise the yellow flag when needed.
  4. Ones that are quick to praise great work.
  5. Ones that stay engaged but respect our working time.
  6. Ones that are appreciative of our hard-working talented team.
  7. Ones that understand that we care and are experts in our field.
  8. Ones that ask questions and share concerns with the understanding that what we want you to know
  9. Ones that know that we are proud of our work and thank you for choosing us

It is a beautiful thing when we find a client that is a good fit and we are able to exceed their expectations. The synergy makes us proud of our chosen profession and ready to impress the next willing and able client again and again.

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