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Shop rates

Shop rates

We look at our skills and expertise to determine if we are a good fit for our prospects. Sure, we do all sorts of different projects, but I was recently asked what we are best at. I like to put a modern twist on the old saying “Cheap-Fast-Great, pick 2.”

Quality, Cheap, Fast, Easy, Personalized

We ask our prospects to rank the qualities I think everyone should be looking for in a remodeling project, in order of importance to them. Once this is done, we can easily see if there is enough overlap to move forward.

For example, if a prospect ranks them “Quality-Personalized-Easy” or “Personalized-Fast-Quality”, then we are playing in the right sandbox. On the other hand, if they rate their priorities “Cheap-Easy-Fast” as the top three, or “Fast-Cheap-Quality,” then we are likely not a good fit. I’m not judging, just discovering the core desires of my prospects.

I get it. There is no way to really know without asking. Eliminating the confusion right off the bat makes it worthwhile to invest time developing project.

House Flippers, We Are Not

What I take seriously is the responsibility to make a house a home, or a bathroom into a place to start the day or relax and refresh, or a kitchen a place to entertain, gather, and be creative with food. In other words, a remodeled home is far more than the sum of its components if the project is done correctly.

The Right Price Is Not Necessarily the Cheapest One

My prospects rarely have an idea of what their project will cost. If they do, it is often not enough to have everything they desire done. That is normal. I consider it just the starting point. Honestly, all we can provide are some ranges until we have a clear vision of what you want, and some required things that you may not be aware that you need.

This is the most delicate of discussions, as talking about money is one of the least comfortable things to do. To the extent that we can get it out of the way early, we can refocus on the dream of creating something that solves the problem we were called in to fix.

I believe that we can estimate anything correctly when given the right information. The price we determine may be within your investment comfort zone, or it may not. How we get to the prefect balance is often by prioritizing your wishes. Your willingness to move forward with a project may involve compromising. We get that and are perfectly happy to help.



When We Remodel, We Transform Homes

One of my clients recently asked to have their project broken up into three phases. This is a reasonable thing to look at and a responsible approach as we remodel homes multiple times with some regularity. I assumed they would be phasing the three as they were ready to do them. To my surprise, they asked that we do all three at the same time because there was a cost savings associated with it.

Is it Possible to Pay More and Get a Better Value?

Why yes, it is, I do it weekly at the grocery store. Ever look at the price per ounce on items that are small, then look at the larger quantity and notice that you are paying more in dollars but getting a better value per ounce? Naturally, this is not a steadfast rule, but it does apply in remodeling.

The Price Is Just Right

We shine once we have a clear vision. When we get your wants and needs coupled with personalized service, good communication, quality workmanship, and an easy process, we have hit our stride.

Options Have Arrived

We recently figured out how to provide the price for the base project and work out options so that you can choose what you want to do. The right price for Levco to do your project is always the one we work out and discover together.

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