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The Ramp

The Ramp

Levco has been so enamored with helping folks and the “Pay it forward’ mentality that I was asked and agreed to join the Wish Granters Board of directors. It turns out that there are tin woodsmen all over .

Wish Granters is a local organization that grants wishes for terminally ill recipients. We had done several projects for them in the past but this insight gave me a new perspective. Talk about an altruistic group of folks, it is like everyone on the board is some sort of good deed doer superhero.

Being terminally ill is is not a good prognosis. Offering a wish is done at a wish interview. Described as a powerful, emotionally draining, and humbling experience, we attempt to discover what we can do to provide a wish. I have not had the honor of attending yet but I am working up to it.



We were asked to provide a wish for a fellow with COPD who had just gotten a mobility chair to come up with some sort of ramp so he could get out of the house. I evaluated the home and recalled that I knew where a ramp was for sale that might work.

I zoomed out and got the ramp for a test run and it fit like a champ! Wish Granters agreed to purchase the ramp for him. The the next problem was a threshold that the scooter could not get over. This was solved temporarily then permanently with a custom redwood piece created by my friend Ron Dunagan.

“I can’t thank you enough for this blessing, I can finally get outside by myself now”

This is where the joy kicks in for me. It is hard to put into words how much it means to someone that I have taken a moment out of my busy schedule to provide a needed service for a perfect stranger. When I get involved in projects like this, it makes all the troubles in the world and senseless things fade out for a moment and become meaningless. Seeing him scooting in an out of his home effortlessly, albeit connected to his oxygen tether was a priceless moment.


I did this one for my mom’s mom, Grandma Betty, who introduced me to coffee and took me grocery shopping. She was and amazing cook and housekeeper that made each of us brothers feel special. She kept tradition alive and well in San Francisco. She was a wonderful person and a powerful woman in my life.

Paying it forward all over again

When this fellow is done with his ramp needs, he has agreed to pay it forward and return it to us to “re-gift” it again.