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An image in a mirror

An image in a mirror

I had a rare glimpse of a long lost friend in a side view mirror this morning.

Although deceased several years ago, I have vivid memories of her. It was just a split second as I pulled up to the stop light the driver glanced back and our eyes met. I could have sworn it was Linda Ady. Fond memories rushed back as the car in front of me turned right and pulled away.

Completely caffeinated, (I wonder if it had anything to do with it?) I felt a sea of emotions of highs and lows, culminating in sorrow for the loss of such a cool person in my life. The facial recognition program running idly in my head instantly kicked into full gear and tricked me good this time.

At the moment of recognition, the memories blossomed and I instinctively wanted to catch up with her, I refrained but my mind was racing, multitasking, the synapses were firing on all cylinders. A PET scan at that second would have lit up!

Rushing About

I felt myself rushing back in time to those favorite fun times we had, then another memory, and another, I was on a roll. It was the good old days of EMS (Emergency Medical System) in Idaho, the early ’80’s, I was just a kid. She was the matriarch of the state wide EMS system with a cast of men like Gary Trimble, Bruce Fewkes, Ray York, and many others that were movers and shakers. We were at the epicenter of pioneering and figuring things out, creating a world class EMS system on the fly, desperately reaching for the shirt tails of Paul Anderson our dynamic visionary and fearless leader.

All Lit Up

All Lit Up

Could she be trying to connect with me about something? I had a poignant drive thinking about what I would catch her up on, if she were here.

The whole thing only lasted about 15 minutes, as I arrived at my destination I felt relaxed and calm, I was focused, and centered. I went about my productive day and reflected upon how happy I was to run into an old friend.


I often think about keeping the memories alive of lost friends and family that have gone before me. I even occasionally exercise my imagination this way. I realized that funerals are filled with jibber-jabber about it. Why not practice it from time to time? Whether this was a coincidence or not is anyone’s guess, it just happened this way this time, in broad daylight, out of the blue.

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