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We stuck one in under the stairs here

We stuck one in under the stairs here

A common theme has emerged among my perspective client’s lately. It is all about “getting the most out of your homes without moving”. Most folks are reluctant to move and would rather stay where they are. Fixing up what you have is usually a far more economical decision if you love your home and your neighborhood. Why not investigate the possibility of making your home better suited to your needs?

I just don’t see how we can fit another bathroom in

Often getting the perspective of someone that does this sort of thing for a living is your best bet. We have an extremely talented Designer, Lauren Smyth on staff that can help if you find yourself stuck in a rut.

Some folks know exactly what they want and in that case, we are just order takers. Let’s face it everyone has different levels of comfort thinking in terms of moving walls and the like.

Where do new bathrooms come from?

Thanks Norman

Thanks Norman

How the heck can you add another bathroom to an existing home you ask? Do we need to have “the talk”?  It all starts with a strong desire to improve your living space and some creative enthusiasm. The real answer is “On paper first!”

Here are a few of the projects that have solved this exact problem for your neighbors.

  • We created a new bathroom in a converted back porch.
  • We split a bedroom and made two bathrooms out of it.
  • We have created new bathrooms under stairways. (A personal favorite of mine!)
  • We converted an extra bedroom into a master bathroom.
  • We created a new bathroom in an old laundry room.
  • We have included new bathrooms in many additions.

If you are looking to add a bathroom, or any other room for that matter, contact us today. This is what we at Levco do for fun. Whether it is within the envelope of your existing home, or you need to do an addition we will set an appointment for a personal and complementary in home evaluation.

The next few steps of discovery might just make you fall in love with your home all over again.

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