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At Levco we do lots of master bathroom remodels for our clients. We seem to have one in progress and several in design at all times. If you have a Master bathroom, that means your home was built after 1960 or has already been remodeled once. The idea of a private bathroom for the adults fits how we live now. Lots of things have changed since the ’60’s including building materials and especially plumbing fixtures.

Our housing designs have evolved, there is no perfect design for everyone but there are some similarities that make for a great space. You don’t always have to move walls or tear the house apart to fit a more functional small master bath together. Naturally, larger existing master baths are easier to work with but we do not always have that luxury. Levco is a mature company that will offer design solutions, elegance, and true functionality that will last.


I’ll Ask Questions to Figure Out the Best Design For You

  1. What do you like about your current bathroom layout?
  2. How many people are getting ready at a time?
  3. You’ve probably thought about this for a long time, what are your prioritized ideas?
  4. How much research have you already done?

How Did You Reach the Tipping Point?

  • “There is not enough room for us both to be in here together”
  • “The shower is just too dark and small”
  • “The flooring is carpet and that’s just gross!”
  •  “We need a separate shower and tub”

Proposed Solution

These Things Pop Up More Frequently Than You Think.

Scenario #1 We had a slow leak that ultimately wasn’t covered by insurance but there is no turning back now. The insurance company sent folks out to tear out my Master Bath, they found mold. Now what?

Scenario #2 I have waited for years to get this master bathroom done right. The corner tub that the grandkids used to use is never used anymore. If we just had a larger shower and perhaps a soaking bath tub that is normal size I would be happy.

We Can Usher Your Master Bathroom Into A New Era

From clever design, to material selections, to getting it done. We are experts in getting the most out of the space you have and extracting the joy of having a great master bathroom to call your own with pride.

Pricing is based upon how much work we need to do and what finish materials you choose. Every project is unique.

Who Loves Cleaning Grout?

I didn’t think so. How about using upgraded grouts that is impervious to water? Or how about solid surface wall panels made of granite or porcelain? What about a composite material?

What About Aging in Place Options?

From barrier free showers to better lighting and ventilation, how about a larger niche or a shower valve installed where it can be actuated without getting wet. Nothing replaces natural light or non slip materials. What is the height of your countertop or toilet. Are heated floors all that they are cracked up to be? Fold down benches are cool and so are grab bars that do not look like then. All of these things are negotiable and sensible to thing about when we are involved. Contact us to book a visit to your home today.

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If you or someone you know is considering remodeling or just wants to speak to a trustworthy remodeling contractor, please contact me. You’ll be glad you did.