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I read a piece recently that reminded me of the essence of remodeling. There is nothing more upsetting to the apple cart than dealing with an interruption in the daily routine. Not everyone is cut out for it. My job is to understand the personalities quickly to see what category they fall into. Some hide it well others wear it on their sleeves. My enthusiasm for the project and the assurance that we will perform get everyone over the primary trust hurdle but not everyone or every couple is cut out for remodeling. The Wong Baker Pain Scale is one way of quantifying the remodeling spectrum. The vision of a space that is more functional or more welcoming is challenging. Being hired to erase a negative or add a positive is what we live for and love.

Some Long For Remodeling

The idea that they get to use their creativity to design a more workable space is intoxicating. These are the brave and the willing who get it and take the inconvenience in stride. they are our rockstar and the most fun to collaborate with. A trusting spouse and an enthusiastic remodeler or in some cases a full-on couple that loves remodeling is the holy grail. DIY on TV has created some fanatics. One couple sold their house after we did 3 projects for them because the house was done in their eyes.

Others Dread Remodeling

For them, a road closure or a detour is the trigger. It may be the spouse of an enthusiastic remodeler. I will use my superpowers on occasion to bring harmony to the home and create a convert but the odds are against me. From snide comments to all-out cussing and screaming. These pitfalls are another situation I try to avoid. To the reluctant participant we say “have fun with it” it’s the best advice we can offer. Much like “pick your battles” the reluctant participator can be supportive and insist on a few things, why fight all of it?

Some Are Thrust Into Remodeling By Catastrophe

These are the ones that either go kicking and fighting all the way or they just can’t wait to get back to the routine. These clients are hard to work for. I realized this after years of trying to help and come to the rescue. I figured out that there is little joy to extract? The mindset of entitlement is a non-starter. “Oh-boy! we had a flood” or “Oh-Boy we had a fire, we get to remodel again!” are among the words that nobody has ever said.

Where Do You Fit Into The Spectrum?

I’m betting that first-timers work themselves up into a frenzy of fear and anxiety about having their nest messed with. Others are confident that they can and must exert their commanding presence over us to make sure things go correctly. Some people are blissfully ignorant of the pitfalls of committing to a remodeler that is not trustworthy and often pay a the price. Looking back on my clients I can easily categorize them. Looking forward, I can help my prospects understand where they might fit.

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