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Levco Remodeling

Levco Remodeling

Levco has become a bit of a water and fire restoration rebuild specialist in the area. We have also been selected to do an amazing amount of structural repairs usually as a result of a vehicle into a building.

We assisted a mitigation company rebuild a tricky basement that was flooded and was awaiting a rebuild for 10 months. The code upgrades required nearly overshadowed the cost of the loss.

Traditionally mitigation specialists are in a referral program with the insurance companies. Since they are already on site cleaning up, they manage to convince the property owner that they are the choice for rebuilding. I have pushed back and encouraged to let the clean up specialty companies do their thing, then have a remodeler such as myself do the put back.

Teamwork for two specialty companies

Finally, I met a company that refers their rebuild work to me! Brandon Wright from Ultra-clean is our new partner. They clean up and dry it out and I come behind to rebuild.

Do you speak insurance?

What I figured out is that the insurance agencies traditionally have no desire to work with a remodeler because they speak different languages. Typically remodelers have no desire to work with insurance agencies either for the same reason. That reason is the computer program that puts the mitigation company at an unfair advantage.

Levco speaks insurance fluently!

Fires Happen

Fires Happen

Most disaster cleaning companies are best at mitigating, in other words, cleaning up after the loss. Levco is all about developing long term relationships. We could not be more happy with the results. Our first big project involved fire. We had others do the mitigation work and we rebuilt.

Ask for Levco By Name!

Since that project we have collaborated on several other water damage projects and each one seems to go better than the last. We are creating happy clients and get to do the type of work that brings out the best in each of us. An ideal marriage, if I don’t say so myself.

On one project the independent insurance adjuster asked that I leave cupped hardwood flooring in place for a few months to dry out. My gut reaction was to rip it out. My hardwood subcontractor agreed. It wasn’t until I read the IICRC S 500 manual (The standard for the mitigation industry) that I was able to cite several references that the floor had to be removed and dried ASAP.

The adjuster appreciated my insight and had no choice but to agree. My clients were proud to have chosen me and I was grateful for being loaned the manual. I now own my own copy.

If you are one of the unfortunate ones that has had an insurance related loss, contact Levco at 208-947-7261 to have your home or business put back together correctly.