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Ethan made it

Ethan made it

I recently experienced a double graduation. My son from high school at Boise High and my daughter from college at Cal Poly San Louis Obisbo. Talk about a blessing, I am so proud of my kids. Yes we saw it coming for several years so we were able to prepare a bit.

Major Milestone

This represents some major milestones in all of our lives.

Being proud parents, beaming with pride are the obvious reaction for my wife and I but it goes even deeper than I had imagined it would. I feel like we have fulfilled a dream of bringing the joy of education and achievement to my kids.

Athena did it

Athena did it

In taking my son to his chosen college for orientation I was awash in emotion, reminiscing about his early education days and how he as excelled at mastering his varied fields of interest in and out of the school system.

In experiencing my daughter’s graduation I sensed a turning of a page in her life. Taking a time out from school to start a job and where she goes nobody knows.

I was struck by the powerful drive she has and how despite obstacles set in her path at college, she was able to navigate her way to the degree she wanted and while doing extra school activities and two jobs. She did it with honors.

As an official empty nester now, I will need to adjust my life and get to focus on my new reality. We tend to live for our children, I believe we have earned the right to focus on each other and rediscover what life together alone is all about. I anticipate reinventing our love and friendship.

So far so good, wish me luck.