What is Levco Care?

The idea was born out of frustration and the inability to say “No” a word that is not in my vocabulary. We realized that we know more about our clients homes in some cased than they do and that the information is valuable. We considered the opportunity that we could stockpile information and use it to keep the cost of property ownership down.

To be truthful, I have been dreaming about a service division for Levco for many years as it is a distraction form my primary focus, remodeling homes. I’m happy to announce that we’re finally launching.

It was the culmination of four different factors that have brought us to this point.

First – in my business support group we say “Fake it ’till you make it!” and that has been the way it has worked. We have depended upon me being the one-man service division – helping folks out in the evenings and weekend until I just had no more time for myself.

Second – I’ve realized that many people understand that I am a connector. “Hey Joe, I’ve hot a heating issue can you help? Sure, I’ve got a guy…” This referral program needed to be nurtured, so I can share my good subcontractors, tradesmen and vendors with my friends and now, program members.

Third – many of my remodeling clients are repeat customers. The comfort in knowing that we keep in touch with them and help them maintain their property gives me the ability to provide warranty and advice well beyond the normal warranty period.

Fourth – remodeling employees hate small jobs. The mindset of someone who does property maintenance is different from the remodeler. Since I have consistently surrounded my self with remodelers, it became obvious that my staff was not a good fit. Rather than fighting that feeling, I hired those that prefer fixing stuff, they love taking things apart and putting them back together. I call them “Jack of all trades”.

The nuts and bolts of the program

We now have a state of the art Client Portal for all of our clients to use and enjoy which is linked to our Levcocare.com website.

Here is how we see our process

  • Discovery

    • During the Discovery phase, we look at every aspect of your home and itemize things that need to be fixed with an estimated cost for each item. Then we provide a prioritized list of things that need to be caught up from a safety / risk perspective. We also calendar items for future review. It is my belief that homes and properties fit into one of two classifications: “Catch up” or “Proactive“.
  • Catch-up

    • During this phase is when we fix, repair, or improve things that are long-overdue or things that will soon cause a problem if they aren’t taken care of. This is a metered approach based upon budget and urgency of the approved items.
  • Proactive

    • During this phase we work with our customers to monitor and stay on top of things before they ever become problems – so that homes and properties stay in their best shape.  It is our experience that the Catch-up phase quickly transitions into the proactive phase with our assistance and guidance.

How it works

Levco care will be a subscription service agreement that covers anything or everything with your home. There will be different types of users from homeowners to absentee homeowners to property managers and HOA board members. The dream is that we are providing services to to those that want it for a fee, while keeping track of everything we do and making it available to you. Ordering service is simple and scheduling is awesome. Here is a list of some of the tools our new website and Client Portal provides.

  1. “Honey do” list
  2. Searchable images and documents
  3. Internal communications that are kept for review
  4. A vetted referral list of trusted trade partners and vendors
  5. Images of all aspects of your home / property
  6. A blog that is oriented to understanding your home

Our goal is to proactively schedule visits in order to fix small issues before they become big problems in an effort to make a seemingly unending string of small emergencies go away.

What services will be provided?

A comprehensive list will be created that speaks to what our clients want. At this point we will entertain all sorts of things in line with our we have a hard time saying “No”. Peramters include things that can be done in a day or two at the most with a 2 man team.

Where the GREAT is

The GREAT is in that we can orchestrate other subcontractors.

  1. Can you imagine having LevcoCare orchestrating several things being done at once freeing you up to stay at work?
  2. Can you imagine scheduling LevcoCare services a week ahead and knocking out four of 5 things off your honey do list at one visit.
  3. Can you imagine relinquishing some of the tasks that come with home ownership to one trusted source?
  4. Can you imagine having a Go-To source for great answers to your home maintenance issues
  5. Can you imagine having a phone number to call to deal with all your home ownership challenges.
  6. Can you imagine a place where all your home ownership maintenance history is kept as a resource?

We did, and we are providing this comprehensive service to our members.