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Estimated reading time: 1 minute, 46 seconds

A Beacon of Light


Lighthouses don’t go running all over an island looking for boats to save; they just stand there shining. 

Anne Lamott

Update 3-26-2020

The latest update from Governor Little in regard to our emergency status is that all Idahoans are to Shelter in place. There was a follow up document issued later in the day that established what are Essential Services. We are grateful that all forms of construction are included on the essential list.

We do not take this responsibility lightly.

We have discussed the safety rules while trying to practice the social distancing and our employees will do everything possible to ensure safety on the workplace.  We have called our jobsite sanitation station vendor and are having them stocked to keep our employees with the items they need to stay safe while working at your home.

Design Clients

Those clients who are involved in the design process, our decorator and staff are working to get you everything you need to continue to pick the beautiful items out for your remodel. We are happy to call ahead to any of our vendors and/or have other arrangements made to help you in feeling safe.

Above all – Levco Builders is here and open. If you need anything while we continue your job, call us. Levco Builders would love to hear your concerns and will address those with an immediate need.

There is so much being done and said in the world today. We, at Levco Builders, would like to thank you for being our customer and your continued support.

Personal Note From Joe

Thank you for your understanding, I know that this is a very stressful time. No one is spared from the heightened sense of awareness of our current situation. I am catching myself being overly controlling. I am working to focus on the things that matter most and ignoring distractions. Be well, stay safe and be kind and compassionate every opportunity you can. With any luck and due diligence this hidden thing will be behind us shortly.