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17 Years Old

Levco turned 17 on Cinco De Mayo in a small ceremony we celebrated another annual milestone. Reflecting I realized that I have accomplished so many things, I am truly blessed to be part of a great company of dedicated and talented people that gathered in this way to remodel people’s homes. There is still much to do. There is that saying that starts with a bargaining statement about death. “I can’t die, there is too much left to do”.

My neighbors and friends are questioning my sanity and why I have not retired yet. “I have a couple of times already,” I tell them. I am building a company that can run on its own without my daily input. I am not there yet.

I want to see others succeed, I also want to keep the ball rolling. I want to continue to invest my time and talent into a creative endeavor. This is my story, and I am sticking to it.

Cheers to all my past clients, employees, sub-trade partners, and vendors I appreciate you. To my mentors and to a former partner, I say thank you, I am eternally grateful. I derive joy from work. The work of building a sustainable company that does good for the community is no small feat. I could not have done this alone.