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Eastern Oregon

A heavenly view

Stoic leafless trees resting, preparing for another year.

Lending a hand to everyone, quiet urban streets, a hint of coal burning.

Heavenly barren snow covered mountain landscapes in black and white.

Stopping to let a group of geese slowly cross the roadway.

Cold feet and numb hands warm quickly at the fireplace.

Short days and long nights.

Holiday reunions with family and friends, catching up and being thankful over large meals.

Wondering what the future holds. Reflecting upon priorities and establishing new goals.

Lamenting the death of old friends and neighbors, yearning to keep memories alive.

Beaming over all the beautiful children in my neighborhood.

Filled with wonder, who will ramble through my life in the coming year?

I see winter as a necessary part of life that holds the promise and mystery of the other three seasons to come.