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The claw

The Claw

There are so many steps to accomplish before we demolish anything. To the unseasoned contractor it is very easy to start things off incorrectly that will have a ripple affect down the line. In our process, hazard testing and line location have already happened long before the hammers start to swing.

On larger projects, Pre-Demolition takes on a larger role. In one case where we were building two adjacent homes simultaneously, we constantly juggled things to be as efficient as possible with our time and steps.

  • Site mapping for the roll off dumpster
  • Access issues and portable toilet.
  • Tool and materials staging.
  • Protection of things that we do not want to damage etc.
  • Itemizing components for the 4R’s
  • Temporary services during construction

Almost all of our projects have some sort of deconstruction / demolition component. We strive to do as much to salvage what we can. Sharing materials back into the community and keeping them out of the landfill. Not all materials are worthy of reuse as the issue of functional obsolescence is starting to rear its ugly head.  As an example, most windows are not energy efficient enough to reuse sensibly. Hardwood flooring on the other hand is sought after.

We also like to keep track of how much tonnage we were able to divert from the landfill as a way of sharing another thing that sets Levco apart from the competition.

Custom Demo Tools

Demolition is an Art Form

To those that only use the Sledge-o-matic and behave like a bull in a china shop, doing a surgical demo is unimaginable. Levco, on the other hand, values those employees that demolish things in a clean, neat, and dust adverse way. We have even gone so far as to developed tools to help us be more surgical.

Typically left for the least experienced crew members, we have elevated the role to be accomplished by those with experience and skills who enjoy teaching our apprentices what demolition is supposed to look like. To learn the skill of how to demolish in a clean way is revered among our crews.

Having the wisdom to know what to demo and how much to demo is another part of the art. In most cases doing as little as possible and as mush as necessary is the key. That being said, opening up more wall makes for a better project and end result.


What Do You Find?

One of my favorite things to do is find toys in heating ducts and behind walls to add to my collection. I have collected some pretty cool stuff. Among some of my treasures are army men, a bird that tweets when you shake it, all sorts of metal cars, monopoly pieces, and glass bottles.

The least favorite thing is to find errors and omissions done by others when the home was built new, or worse, remodeled by who-knows-who over the years.

Keep in mind Levco also offers Pre-Demolition inspections for full house deconstruction and have soft strip capabilities that make sense through our close affiliation with TRP (The Reuse People of America)

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