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We are here to serve the community in ways that are amazing. We have dreams of creating a system that changes the course of materials being taken to the landfill. By diverting materials away from the landfill, we will be preserving our landfill for years to come.

At Levco, we participate in this process and share the love of finding treasures and  spreading them around to the extent we can.

Exciting news out of Boise, Idaho: The City Council is exploring updating the building code to mandate deconstruction for homes that are slated for demolition. I have been asked to join the conversation!


In with the good and out with the bad

Think of what our bodies do: blood flows through arteries pumped by our hearts to our end organs, nourishing them with everything they need to stay healthy and taking away any products of metabolism back through the venous system to be excreted and to be reinvigorated by the lungs and start the cycle again. Sure, some gets eliminated as waste, so it is safe to say that zero-waste is an ideal, not a practical way of doing things.

As a company, we are taking the good parts of the metabolism chain and breathing new life into them as we can. We are essentially circulating again – Recirculation grew out of a natural process that short circuits the throw-away mentality. We as a society have created systems that make disposal a breeze. We have made fixing stuff nearly impossible.

Most of the things we purchase are dressed up to look like things we used to keep for a lifetime. A toaster is a classic example. What we find on our store shelves are a manifestation of making things cheaper and flimsier for decades. Not much is made to last. Even if you can find the parts, a person who knows what they are doing is tough to find these days.


As a philosophy we live our lives in this way, naturally we want you go get on board. Giving up ownership of things is natural; were they go and how they are disposed of is the difference between be responsible or not. Often something that has no more value is an adjustment or a minor part or repair away.

Fixing Stuff

We are experts at fixing stuff. People that fix stuff are a rare breed but tend to flock together. Often they are retired or in between jobs. They are the ones who always got in trouble for taking things apart as kids. They derive pleasure from the challenge; they high-five each other and share videos of themselves with puffed out chests on YouTube. They love their tools, and understand the potential in them. They collect and even revere them. To find a high-quality used tool is about as good as it gets for me.

It is so much easier to just get rid of something rather than hunt down a fix-it person. At Levco, we value these individuals and provide them the space, tools, and materials to do their thing.


Beyond fixing things, we up-cycle. We define this as creating something of value out of lesser value things. Up-cycling is contagious. Once it is in your system you will be adding things to Pinterest daily. Who knew you could be so creative? Being among up-cycled things is like putting on a pair of glasses that allows you to look at the world differently. My most recent adventures are with an expired oak wine barrel.

Examples Are All Around Us

All over Levco, examples of our thrifty selves abound. Nothing much goes to waste around here by design. Anything we can repurpose, we do. Buying something new is always plan B. We have joined the deconstruction movement and are proudly taking homes down all over our region for likeminded folks that see the virtue and the ecological benefits of being good stewards of our planet.

We proudly support Zero Waste and are partners with The Reuse People of America. We also practice what we preach daily.

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