Estimated reading time: 1 minute, 8 seconds

Estimated reading time: 1 minute, 8 seconds

The year in review leaves me breathless. Here are a few of Levco’s more noteworthy 2011 accomplishments.

  1. We completed a staggering number of challenging projects.
  2. We lost a long time employee in Diane Ferguson, and added Ron Ireland, Nate Steiner, and Josh Mitchell.
  3. We made lots of homeowners happy with their homes again.
  4. We attracted some tremendous subcontractors to our team.
  5. We strengthened relationships with vendors and our support staff of secretary, bookkeeper, and CPA
  6. We battled with the Boise City Historic District, and the fight goes on.
  7. We got help with our processes from a local famous source.
  8. Our website moved to WordPress, and was recognized by Mike Jefferies as being “in the top 10% of remodeler’s web sites in the country”
  9. I learned to BLOG and have published over 2 per week for the year.
  10. We added a client portal to our website. It has set the bar for clear communication between our clients, subcontractors, and vendors in our region.
  11. We downsized our overhead to become more competitive.

On a more personal note,

I delivered my daughter to college where she is thriving.

My son learned to drive, and won first place in his regional gymnastics competition.

My wife and I celebrated our 24th wedding anniversary.

All in all it has been a challenging and wonderful year as I glance back in the rear view mirror of life.