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My Remodelers Advantage EOS group gathered in Atlanta Georgia recently of our semi annual meeting. What a great time. RA in my mind is short for a drinking club with a remodeling problem. 10 companies from non competing markets met to make friends, learn, share great ideas, and help one another solve the common and not so common problems that remodeling companies inevitably encounter in their life times.
This time around we were hosted by a local company that got to have a super intensive review. In learning about them and meeting their team, we naturally gained a clear picture of their strengths and weaknesses, we focused on their opportunities and threats. This SWOT analysis is the basis for introspection, reorganization, redirection, and ultimately sustained sensible growth.
Through the process of gaining insight into the owners and their company, we can each easily visualize a mirror of our own companies and draw parallels. Tough love baby.