Estimated reading time: 1 minute, 45 seconds

Estimated reading time: 1 minute, 45 seconds

To keep up is a challenge no matter what part of the industry you represents. This was the common theme of the most recent visit with vendors supporting the Remodeling Week of Excellence in New Orleans I recently attended. I discovered a tool to do paint matching on the job site and a new European fireplace company , and a cool light switch tech company. I also got to hobnob with an Idaho Company, Best Bath. They make fiberglass tub and shower solutions. Festool was there with their latest dust collection attachment and so was National Gypsum who is rolling out a full line of better engineered purple drywall products that do all sorts of cool things.

I appreciate innovation and this was not a disappointment.

Gold is Coming back!

I knew it would. In fact I predicted this a decade ago. I still joke with clients that have bright brass fixtures. Both Kohler and Moen had examples of brushed brass fixtures claiming it is the new cool thing. Black is up there in the cool stuff too.

The Big Easy is Alive & Well

Bourbon street did not disappoint nor did the cuisine of the area. Yes, I am a creole food lover. I can attest that the culture is alive and well. This is America the Beautiful in all of it’s glory. Alcohol was consumed to excess, masks were warn,  music was felt as well as heard, dancing did occur, and of course, beads were thrown for a reason. New friends were made and some old ones found, (in the gutter of all places. Paul, really?)

Refreshed & Ready to Rock & Roll

There is a strong sense of renewal that comes with my mecca to Remodelers Advantage summit meeting. The speakers were fantastic and the round table portion was phenomenal. Figuring out what is working and not around the country is so helpful. To learn from others that have taken the path accelerates the learning curve like a slingshot. My only hope is that what I shared is perceived as valuable as what I was able to pick up.