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Relax, It’s Pre-Diasastered

Levco has been growing its reputation as the “Go-To” contractor when your structure is a victim of an impact from a heavy moving object. Turns out the kinetic energy produced by a vehicle or any other moving object can cause some serious damage to a structure in an instant.

We have been the selected contractor to rebuild structures of all sizes and shapes. In one case, we had to repair the same structure on two separate occasions. What are the odds of that? The building must be a runaway car magnet.

What stops upon impact with a solid object causes damage

  • Toppled trees onto a home
  • Stolen cars
  • Driver training mishaps
  • Hitting the wrong pedal and ending up inside a convenience store

We take care of all sorts of problems quickly and efficiently. In one case, we had the business back in operation prior to the adjuster arriving to do the estimate! “Unheard of”, according to the adjuster who dropped what he was doing and responded the moment he was notified.

The stories are frightening but fortunately, there have been no human casualties to date. (Knock on wood)

Connecting is the key

Take That

Take That!

The important thing is to connect with a remodeling contractor that speaks the language of the insurance companies. Imagine the confusion. I have a friend that hired a recent Russian immigrant to help remodel a home, all he knew how to say was, “I-Put”. Although they found a way to make it work, it was fodder for some very funny situations and inefficiencies.

Levco is unique in our treasure valley area, we use Xactimate 28, a program used nationally that is the current language of the insurance industry, and we are fluent. The program, which I treat as a foreign language, is updated monthly. It accurately estimates the replacement cost of the project in our part of the country. No need to fret of fuss, the price to rebuild the project is set by the program so you are only responsible for the deductible.

Like any tool, it is only as good as the artisan that is using it. (Ala Luke Skywalker learning how to use his light saber), fluency and mastery allows us to work with the adjustors in a collaborative way to ensure that we are properly reimbursed for our work, and that any additional work that we encounter is itemized and covered.

How it works

In a recent site visit with the homeowners and adjuster, I was showered with praise. “Thank you so much Joe for being here to meet the adjustor, we would never have been able to figure this out on our own”.

The adjustor was appreciative as well, although they have gone to school on this sort of thing, every structural situation is different. Floods and fires are far more common and therefore are easier for them. I consider myself an advocate for the claimant and an assistant of the adjuster.

Other contractors may be able to fix the problem like Levco, however since structural damage is a rare occurrence, they lack the ability to communicate efficiently, structural familiarity, and experience. The result is unnecessary delays and hiccups related to the cost of the project and reimbursement.

Would you rather have a general surgeon do your brain surgery or a neurosurgeon? They are both surgeons… I rest my case. Let Levco repair your home or business after an inadvertent impact with a solid moving object that stops against or, (heaven forbid) in your building.

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