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Window Treatments & Shades

As a professional remodeling contractor, I am spring loaded to listen carefully to my clients. In a recent conversation with a client, it occurred to us that the true TOTAL cost of a remodeling project is not always expressed in the design or Remodeling Agreement.

Budgets are tight and clients are looking to the contractor for guidance on budgets and what is and is not included in the agreement can make or break a pocketbook. I suppose the largest thing despite a fairly detailed DOW, are the other little things that are not addressed.

When the contractor is done and the keys are handed over to the client so to speak, there may be a myriad of “stupid little things” that still need to be done and paid for. Here are just a few of the bigger ticket items.

  • Landscaping
  • Sprinkler system 
  • Window treatments 
  • Appliances 

Sprinklers & Landscaping

Sure the home is done and all of the “Finish Line Action Item List” is complete but the small things can add up. I have no interest in  surprising my clients when they should be totally happy with bad news. As I see it, my job is to guide folks through the remodeling process as the expert.

Remodeling Tour Guide

It is in this role as tour guide that I am always adding items to my detailed DOW, so everyone gets to see that we at least addressed the issues before the decision to proceed is made. This is yet another reason to have an experienced professional remodeler handle your project. Having an extremely detailed Description of Work (done during the Design Phase) prior to getting bids on the project will help to avoid this conundrum. Our goal is that our clients are pleasantly surprised and satisfied in the end.

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