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Estimated reading time: 0 minutes, 50 seconds

Water heater compartment

The Challenge:

We often encounter water damage problems that require immediate action. Some are acute and others are chronic. This one was acute caused by a braided steel  flex line from the water between two bathrooms that springing a leak. The owner responded to a phone book ad.

The idea:

Rebuild the two bathrooms quickly as they were living in a hotel, and update them as we could not find preformed tubs and showers we had to make new ones. This project was more involved than originally thought, as the damage was wide spread by the time it was uncovered.

The Solution:

Whatever the problem, we explore it and expose it all looking for the smoking gun. Once identified, we deconstruct as much as necessary but as little as possible working with the insurance adjustors to repair the immediate problem and settle upon a repair solution.

The Time Frame:This project took 8 weeks to complete.