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We had a hilarious conversation the other day during one of our regularly scheduled company production meetings. It wandered into a wild combination of business models. What if we could do remodeling using the restaurant AYCE (All You Can Eat) model which I am not particularly fond of. We could be the Chuck-A-Rama of remodelers!

After sleeping on the idea, it seemed less silly. We thought about encouraging folks to come to us with an amount of money they felt comfortable investing in their home then let us figure out what we could do for them.

Hey that kind a makes sense!

It started down the path when a client who had a pretty good idea of what she thought a project should cost, had a contractor give her an estimate that was twice what she wanted to spend. The sad thing is that this or some derivation of it, is what often happens to me too. Why not turn the tables and help clients get into something that fits their budget from the start?

Blame it on the TV and home repair reality shows, blame it on the big box stores. The result is the same. Clients need a serious recalibration. Ideally the other guy is the one that has to do it and get thrown out of the house. Lord knows I’ve had my share of rejection.

Let’s play doctor “metaphorically”.

Much like playing doctor, like you did with the neighbors when you were 6 years old… (Yes it really happened and I am appropriately ashamed) “You show me yours, and I’ll show you mine”. My idea is to instead of listening to all the things you want done first, tell me what you feel comfortable investing in your home and I will digest that and then tell you what you can do for that amount.

What dawned on me is that we could save a lot of time and get down to business quickly. I have no desire to crush your dreams or disappoint you with a number that is twice what you want to spend so let’s put the process into the right order.

Here is what’s on the Levco remodeling buffet menu.

We offer to personalize your home for/with you to solve the age old problems that have been driving you nuts for years.

25K, Cool, – Here is what we can do for you. Remodel a guest bathroom, or do a bunch of tuning up of the home

50K, Cool, – Here is what we can do for you. A free standing garage, or a master bathroom

70K, Cool, – Here is what we can do for you. A kitchen remodel or a bathroom and a light kitchen tune up

100K, Cool, – Here is what we can do for you. A Kitchen and a bathroom or finish a basement.

150K, Cool, – Here is what we can do for you. A new basement with bathroom, two bedrooms and a family room.

225K, Cool –  Here is what we can do for you. A whole house remodel or an addition and interior renovations.

350K, Cool – Here is what we can do for you. A Whole house remodel of a larger home with upscale finishes.

Food for thought

In other words, If I can help you determine the best use of the funds you want to invest, it works so much better than figuring how much you can get done with your budget. No one wants to be left feeling disappointed.

Having created many of these projects for real clients over the years, it seems that I can be more helpful if I can hear you say what you feel comfortable investing first, then trusting me to let you know what is possible rather than the other way around. Prices are very volatile and the original project scope often morphs during design.

Until we get these steps done, pricing is merely speculation.

  1. An approved set of preliminary plans
  2. An approved DOW (Description of work)
  3. You have had a midway meeting and a soft bid updated range
  4. We get hard bids with our trade partners
  5. We present you with a fixed price lump sum remodeling agreement

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