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welcome to Idaho

Welcome to Idaho

What a nice thing to say! I have had to utter these words regularly lately. Am I the only one noticing this or has there been a tremendous influx of people to the treasure valley? From each coast and most parts in between, we are getting new neighbors regularly.

Some folks are snatching up vintage homes and needing trusted advisers on how to tune them up for themselves. Others are having new ones built and need the advice for our climactic conditions, things like whole house fans, and proper attic ventilation.

We made it onto the map

It seems to take a few months but without fail, the magazines that place us near the top of the best places to live are having an impact. Next thing you know the place is swarming with visitors. I guess the rumors about how hot it gets in the summer and how deep the snow is in winter are not fooling anyone any longer.

To be sure, we want to be cordial and welcoming to our new neighbors. Give them a chance to slow down and fit into our pace of life, let their selfish driving abilities melt away and learn the alternating merging technique that we have mastered. Patience and understanding go a long way towards living together in harmony.

Welcome to Idaho

Welcome to Idaho

We are luck to live in such a wonderful community, let’s share the beauty without losing the charm. As we spread out and cities that once seemed like “Past the edge of the earth” (Hello Nampa/Caldwell) grow together. Our infrastructure will grow with it, traffic jams are starting to crop up around us and we will occasionally need to stand in line for something.

Our little hamlet is swelling, Can’t you feel it? Unfortunately, my census numbers are only as recent as 2013.

Have you rolled out the proverbial welcome mat? I challenge you to try it and see what riches you get in return. It takes a lot to uproot yourself from a community where you are comfortable and relocate. Be the good neighbor and “Ambassador of good will” that I know you can be.


  1. Name something you have done recently to welcome a new person to the state
  2. What have you noticed about our new to the state residents?

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