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Our Sustainable Logo

Earth Day 2012 has me reflecting upon our green habits. It all boils down to “Sustainability.”  I believe it is the root of the green movement. This is what it means to us. It is environmental for sure, from a conserving natural resources perspective, such as leaving bare earth exposed and living in homes that have a reasonable footprint.

Sustainability also incorporates economic and social realities for instance making sure that we remain a viable vital business that creates employment in our civil society and local community, and creating enough wealth to pay the bills and have some left over for growth. It means being responsible to our clients and the less fortunate among us. It also resonates in my approach to remodeling in general.

As I stand Levco up against the sustainability yard stick, here is what I see we are doing to do our part.

  • Using as little energy as possible.
  • Reusing materials or removed items.
  • Stipulating low VOC paints and products.
  • Volunteering.
  • Separating loads to the landfill.
  • Steering clients into greener products.
  • Repurposing as much as possible.
  • Using temporary laborers when appropriate.
  • Taking excess chemicals to the toxic waste disposal site.
  • Recycling excess materials.
  • Finally, not wasting or over consuming.

We are always looking for ways to be clever users of our natural resources and  good stewards of what the earth has provided. I read a disturbing article in Time Magazine a few weeks ago about the habits of the Y generation, and their propensity to recycle less than the boomers.

The Sawtooth Range

I suppose my high altitude look on the issue is that I am teaching my kids and employees to be conscious of the environment and their effect upon it. There are many measuring sticks that can be employed, like carbon foot print.

Some examples of practicing what I preach.

  • I just delivered 2 salvaged metal window surrounds to a client who had a need for them.
  • I delivered several appliances to the Idaho Youth ranch.
  • I made shadow boxes out of removed windows.
  • Volunteering for a project at the Boys & Girls club
  • I found a used sink and installed it.
  • We collaborate withe TRP. The Reuse People of America
  • I’ve salvaged unusual lumber to reuse elsewhere.
  • We have donated tons of building materials to Second Chance
  • I bought and installed a used water/energy saving dishwasher that required minor repairs but had little retail value

Your comments are welcome. To ask questions or get more information about remodeling, email me directly or visit our contact page.