What Is A Parcel Hold Risk?

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I recently ran into a few sticky situations with Parcel Holds at the Boise City Building Department. This is the risk that we take when we take on projects in homes that have been remodeled before. In 18 years this is the first time I have run into this problem. This just happened and is a raw experience. I could have done without it, but it happened and I want my readers to know.

Our building inspector noticed an existing unpermitted primary bathroom from a carport conversion while doing a final inspection of my permitted work. With this new revelation, Boise City essentially put a hold on the property. Thankfully I was able to get my final permit. This means that no additional permitted work can be done without addressing the needed corrective action. I have another final inspection due on a project with a similar garage to living space conversion that may or may not have been permitted.

What Does This Mean To Homeowners?

Do not buy a flipped house. Unless you have had it verified that everything is up to code to eliminate this from happening to you. The odds are that the work done on a flipped house is not up to code. Not only that, but it could come back and bite you in the derriere. Having a legitimate home inspection to verify that work was done to code. Then following up with their recommendations from professionals will help but there is still a risk that hidden conditions exist.

Rodent Damage Romex, Knob & Tube

Case Studies.

  1. Clients are having me remodel their bathroom. They were told that all the knob & tube wiring had been replaced with Romex They also said that the rodent problem had been mitigated. All Lies
  2. A client bought a home knowing that they had an unpermitted carport modification into a living space. Upon final inspection, the inspector discovered it and put a parcel hold on the property.
  3. A client had a stop work order placed on her home back in 2020. Unpermitted work was caught during a drive by. A parcel hold is on her property and she was not aware.
  4. A client bought a home with a garage to living room conversion. We remodeled several rooms in another area, we will see what happens.

What Is The Big Deal?

First off, The saying “trust but verify” comes to mind. Memories are short, and delegated tasks are often ignored. The big deal is that a Parcel Hold means that no further work can be done until the issues at hand are addressed. We now check every home that goes into design. The last thing we want is to discover unresolved issues in the process of designing someone’s home.

Was Any Unpermitted Work Done At Your Home?

In Idaho, licensed tasks are Plumbing, Electrical, and HVAC, You as a homeowner can do it but need to get a permit. Relators do a Form RE-25 Sellers Property Condition Disclosure to make the seller disclose. Sellers become civilly liable for their answers. Realtors are licensed but the threshold is low for taking any responsibility for the condition of the home. They are merely negotiators and are allowed to take the word of the seller. Heck, there are TV shows dedicated to teaching folks how to flip homes. Permits are rarely if ever spoken about. A title search is a must. Try calling the city building department. to see if there is a hold on your property.

How This Affects Levco

I am a client advocate and master problem solver. I am also reluctant to remodel homes that have been DIY remodeled before. It is not uncommon to find things that were done incorrectly. I find that most clients are not prepared for what we find and what hoops we need to go through to get things up to code. It is not so much what we can see, It is the behind the walls stuff that can be extremely screwed up. We want nothing to do with secrecy or deception of anyone or any government agency. We will continue to work with clients to solve these issues and get them back on track to the best of our ability.

What Does All This Mean Financially?

It means that you are allowed to be naïve in real estate transactions, It is possible to make a mistake even with a relator that has good intentions. Transactions happen all the time according to the Idaho State  Real-estate Commission that are not in the best interest of the buyer. It could be a financially painful experience if you get taken or dismiss good advice.

Is this governmental overreach to put a hold on a property? After stewing on it for a bit, I have calmed down. I think that it is what it is and the fact that the city gives a grace period is reasonable. It is a shame that it has to come to that. There is no end to the depth of the money pit if your home was illegally remodeled in the past.

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If you or someone you know is considering remodeling or just wants to speak to a trustworthy remodeling contractor, please contact me. You’ll be glad you did.

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