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As anyone who has ever remodeled knows, there are a few items that take time to create and produce. In our instant gratification world, we are not psychologically prepared for that reality.

Shower Glass

Shower Glass

Here Are the Four Delaying Biggies.

  1. Custom shower glass
  2. Solid surface countertops
  3. Custom windows
  4. Custom cabinets

Our “Achilles heel” is delays caused by needing custom things that take time to manufacture. We are usually able to disguise the fact that windows take at least 14 days for vinyl or up to 6-10 weeks for custom ones built out of the area. Cabinet shops don’t like to produce the boxes until they can measure the place they will be installed. The majority of our cabinets are made halfway across the country in a high-production shop that has a production time that fluctuates with demand.

The Elephant in The Room

Just when you think we are almost done with your remodeling project there is a huge unfortunate but known delay. No matter what the schedule says, the obvious thing is that progress is being made and the pace is cruising right along. That’s when the project seems to hit the brakes. Either the tile work is completed and the shower valve is installed but you can’t use it yet, or the cabinets are in but the solid surface countertops are delayed due to templating, or worse, exploded during fabrication. No backsplash until they are installed. It is the dreaded domino effect.

  • Shower Glass

In most cases, we are creating custom showers so the glass needs to be templated upon completion of shower tile installation. The process takes at least 10 days if nothing goes wrong.

  • Granite & other solid surfaces

This is also a time-consuming part of the project. Seems that no matter what we say, the pace seems to bog down while we are waiting. The anxiousness and the anticipation are like waiting to open your birthday presents or Christmas morning for a kid.


Our Solution is Simple

We let folks know what to expect and plan for the delay by doing other things while we wait. Talk about defusing the anxiety. All it takes is a friendly reminder that “We are remodeling for you, and with you, not to you”. Viva la différence!

Our other secret weapon is the more projects we complete the better we get at it. The more we work with our trade partners and praise them for their good work the better relationships we build. One big hurdle was to understand that we are on the same team and a heads up with reminders fit us in the schedule rather than surprising our vendors with unusual requests.

Supply Chain Issues

Not too terribly long ago this terminology became a household term. Nobody is surprised to hear that appliances will take a year. Then when the due date is approaching, the providers not wanting to miss the mark are having products show up a month ahead of time. Accuracy is more important to me but I have no control over it. So we place our orders and hold our breath.

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