Why Hire A Remodeling Contractor?

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Your home is like any complex machinery, similar to your body in many ways. It comprises many systems that work in unison and harmony to function properly. Some specialize in commercial work; we have a residential remodeling specialty.

Remodeling Contractors Are A Misunderstood Group

Let’s suppose you get injured. Your Family Physician will likely ask for a consultation from a specialist, and that information is relayed back to your Family MD. Together, they make a comprehensive plan for you. Imagine if none of them spoke to each other or coordinated your treatment.

Sure, you could go holistic and base your treatments on Web MD —up to a point. YouTube and big box stores can only get you so far, too. Do you see my point?

Where Does This Leave Us?

I’ve said this before: If you have more than one or two specialists involved in remodeling your home, it is better to hire a Contractor with a specialty in remodeling, like Levco, to run your project.

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Levco Shines As A Remodeling Contractor

As we grow, we are constantly learning and improving systems and processes.

  • With a trustworthy Contractor, you are in good hands.
  • We have an experienced staff to figure things out and make decisions.
  • We have an organized process and specialists who get things done.

The art of orchestrating our projects is not lost on the casual observer. “Man, when Joe’s team calls in an air strike, it is laser-guided.” I love to hear that!

One Throat To Choke!

The concept of “one throat to choke” was brought to my attention recently. This is the core concept behind why clients love a remodeling contractor or a small business with a responsible person. If everything goes as planned, then it doesn’t matter. That is what was expected. If, on the other hand, we come up short or need to apologize, then we have a responsible person with a name to get results.

What Could Go Wrong?

There are countless ways things can go wrong when you remodel a home. A Remodeling Contractor takes on that risk and runs with it. So many things can and do go wrong that it is worth having us on your “dream team” because we can often head them off before they happen.

If it goes “to hell in a handbasket,” there is a responsible party with a name to help solve the problem.

We used to joke about “They. “They said we should do it this way.” We checked, and no one named “They” is on the payroll! We employ real people with names who are given responsibility and held accountable. See Them Here.

Where’s The Beef? Clara Peller

Claira Peller (may she rest in peace) said it best in the Where’s the Beef commercials in the mid-’80s for Wendy’s hamburger chain. The implication is that there is no substance to these other companies. I know, I have been there. A wing and a prayer, a small breeze could blow them away; there may be all the good intentions in the world; the truth is that one difficult client or situation could sink the ship. Therefore, they have no backup and cannot remedy any situation that does not go their way.

Having lost a job to another contractor over a decade ago, I asked how they managed to sell the job for more than I was asking. He said this client is the worst they have had in 30 years, and it would have sunk my company. We have the organization to deal with her. “Believe me,” he said, “you were better off not working for this client.” Levco has come a long way. Hiring a professional remodeler is always the right thing to do when solving a complex house problem.

Your comments are welcome. To ask questions or get more information about remodeling, click here to email me directly or call 208-947-7261

If you or someone you know is considering remodeling or just wants to speak to a trustworthy remodeling contractor, please contact me. You’ll be glad you did.

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