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As a remodeler and lover of people I learn something new every day. Like Boaz says “There is a wonderful way of getting to know people quickly that works”. I have mastered his style and to the extent if I want to know someone, I will hear their story.

What sucks me in, is he engaging conversation while searching for common threads in my life. It never fails to amaze me how we are so connected. To the extent that I pay attention and ask lots of questions (then wait to hear the answer) I learn a lot and make friends quickly. A favorite saying “You have two ears and one mouth, use them proportionally!”

How to prune a rose

long stem roses

long stem roses

Today I learned how to prune roses from a client and master gardener. “You just clip it back to a 5 pedal. It took me about 3 years to get these roses in shape but every one has a long stem”. I’ll be darned, I never noticed that there was a difference in the number of rose pedals. He showed me, armed with my newly acquired knowledge, I can teach my neighbors.


The other day I learned a new way of contracting with clients that want to get going right away and like to be in control. This from a prospective client that happens to specialize in contract law. I can’t wait to try it out.

I also was painfully reminded that unless we set a price for a clear DOW (Description of Work) before the work starts, that someone’s feelings will get hurt. As a caveat, I hate getting my feelings hurt almost as much as I hate hurting the feelings of others.

Pizza – Porsche



Red the Porsche mechanic got tired of me using an inaccurate pronunciation of the iconic name brand. Joe he said “I am going to tell this to you once and I guarantee you will never forget it, Pizza-Porsche” It worked!

My point is that there is so much information floating around, the stuff I remember is that which is told to me by someone who knows. Getting out there and mingling is where the fun is.



Bonus Round

  1. What is something you recently learned from listening to someone that knows?
  2. What do you know that might be a benefit to the rest of the group?

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