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As the owner of a dynamic remodeling company that is turning 15 years old, I am figuring out some really cool things. The first 15 are the dues you pay to get to the next level. How did I get so fortunate to be at this point? I am providing a living for 9 families now and I am innovating as fast as I can to deal with the challenges that present themselves.

As a lifelong learner, I am always picking up pearls of wisdom. A favorite of mine I just picked up is, “The deeper the roots the better the fruits.” The metaphor is that if you tend the roots, the fruits will come and be more robust for the long haul.

When is the Best Time to Plant a Tree?

15 years ago. Which I did. Tending the garden has been a tough row to hoe.  The fruits are starting to form, and I can see the results of figuring out the balance of everything the trees needed to flourish.

You know how some fruit looks really good, but don’t taste so good or has a bad texture? Finally, we have fruit that looks like it tastes, wonderfully refreshing year in and year out. Was it the soil? Was it the light? Was it the amount of water? That will remain a mystery. The formula is finally bearing fruit.

Zooming in and out

One of the most powerful things I am doing now is to zoom in (210mm) and zoom out (28mm) like a telephoto lens. An owner that only looks at the big picture sees only a high-level perspective. Those owners that only look at the zoomed in picture will miss the other essential components of the business. It reminds me of how Google Earth deals with finding an address.

I have explored the relationships that we have created with employees, vendors and suppliers. I have participated in all sorts of coaching relationships; I have made all sorts of terrible mistakes. I have struggled and I have been challenged to overcome adversities of all shapes and sizes. Zooming in and out gives me the perspective I need to run the business. To only focus on one is to neglect the others at your own peril.

I use the quarters of the year to zoom in and out to make sure I do not get stuck.

  1. Process
  2. Numbers
  3. Marketing / Sales
  4. Production

What do I do with the information I collect?

For starters, I think positive thoughts and expect amazing things to happen each day of my life. It is no coincidence then, that the dial is set for discovery and introspection. The most powerful thing is filtering what we discover through a WHY filter. This is what prevents me from becoming overwhelmed with crazy thoughts or being too distracted by shiny things. It is also no surprise then that I have developed an awesome team that has bought into my WHY and are eager to use that filter when cultivating the WHAT and HOW.

Most overnight successes take 20 years

To that end, as a hungry entrepreneur, I continue to leap forward taking risks, trying new things, and learning from mistakes to better myself and the homes of clients we serve. That we remodel is merely WHAT we do. HOW we do it is by following processes and procedures with an amazing staff of craftsman. The WHY is where I as the founder have created clarity of purpose: to provide our clients with beautiful design and craftsmanship to improve their lives.

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