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The World

We flirt with this idea all the time and it is the reason I high-five in the office. I realize that this sets us apart in a crowded field. Vive la différence. We always solve situations, some take longer than others. Typically if we can just find a like-minded person in any organization it changes everything.

What The Problem-Based World Says

  • I’m sorry Joe, the window manufacturer does not offer mulled windows that are that tall so you can’t do it.
  • I’m sorry Joe I forgot to order the ________. Fill in the blank
  • I’m sorry Joe my distributor forgot to order your door.
  • I’m sorry Joe, I know those damaged windows we delivered to the site are fixable, Just install them and we will come by sometime and fix them.
  • It is too hot to install the tile, we are going to need to reschedule.
  • My new shower is missing some pressure on the hot side.

I Fix Stuff

What The Solution-Based Contractor Says

  • Hey, nothing is going to stop me from mulling these windows together. My client asked for it and it seems completely reasonable.  I need you to work with me to solve the problem, There is a solution, we just need to find it together.
  • These things get plugged up all the time when we switch galvanized pipes for PEX. Here is the new cartridge. No worries
  • The pain caused by the mishandling of my order is going to be shared with the company that failed to do its job.
  • No materials will be sent to my clients that haven’t been personally inspected and deemed flawless and ready for installation.
  • I need a formal acknowledgment and regular updates because these things are going through 3 company’s hands.
  • Can I bring you some portable air conditioners, so it is cool enough to set tile? (and they arrived within the hour).

“May I Speak With An Advocate in Your Organization”?

My best friend Howard Olivier, suggested I use this line when I am stuck on the phone or in person with an unhelpful person. There is nothing in their manual to deal with the question so I typically get transferred to someone who is actually helpful. I use it rarely but it has been the most effective tool to date to cut through the crap of obstructionists and get to someone who can help me.

Home Runs Hit Recently

IDAHO POWER I recently received a nice flyer stuffed in with my Idaho Power bill. A colorful document bragged about the new Customer Experience team. There were a bunch of things on my mind that I was troubled about. Lots of less-than-positive interactions with the monopoly.

The flyer left no way to contact them but I persisted and eventually found one. She was a good listener and promised to get back to me. Sure enough in a few days, I was able to connect with the person she referred. We sat down and had lunch. He heard me out. I got a good feeling about him and within a day he summarized the to-dos, and then he got them all done the following week. This new connection is just what I needed. He my week.

Everyone Is An Advocate At Levco

Everyone in my organization is empowered to be a client advocate. If they do not have the tools then they know that I am the leader and the buck stops with me. The tools I have are vast and the network is impressive that we’ve built. He has unknowingly become part of that network by being a cut-through-the-crap, get-it-done kind of guy.

Solution Based Activity Happens On a Daily Basis

I just received a call from a Project Manager of mine saying that it was going to take a week to get a piece of ductwork trimmed. This is on the last day of a project. With one phone call, I was able to get it trimmed while we waited because I have made a connection with a metal fabricator who goes back years with RB at Jack’s Metalwork. This stuff that we do here at Levco is frankly amazing. I love to stay positive and surround myself with people who find solutions to complicated problems.

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