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Want Some?

Want Some?

I was at a supermarket that starts with an “A” near my home, when I caught the tail end of a conversation that made no sense.

A woman was buying two large jugs of drain cleaner and the helpful perky clerk was singing the praises of a heating and air conditioning company to come out and solve her problem. Something was amiss.

Being a naturally curious guy that makes a living giving advice, I casually asked what was going on.

The clerk told me that the woman had just moved from Florida and had hot water, but no cold water, at her kitchen sink. Mind you, it has been in the single digits for weeks.

Shiver me Timbers

Shiver me Timbers

“What was she buying drain cleaner for?” I asked. “To clear her pipes” the clerk said.

“Why on earth did you recommend an HVAC company to her?” I asked. “Well I just think they can fix anything.”

“How stupid is that?” I muttered. Time to start taking advice from smarter cookie, I thought.

I suppose in a roundabout way, the clerk’s circular logic made sense. After all the supply and the drain system are sort of interdependent.

Lost & All Alone

On a recent early morning client visit, Siri, my personal ethereal, omniscient iPhone assistant, confidant and goddess of nearly all things I need,  sent me wandering into a residential neighborhood. I was easily 4 miles or so from my intended destination, looking for Heritage Park Street. I was weaving between moms in minivans waiting for the bus to arrive so that their little ones wouldn’t have to actually wait at a bus stop.

Frustrated, late, and lost, I asked Siri again for directions. In a calm voice she said, “Candlestick Park is quite a ways from our current position, would you like directions?” Ugh! Time to pull out a real map. I was 30 minutes late,  but it could have been much worse… At least I had a good excuse, a belly laugh, and a great story to tell.

Take Some

Take Some

One of my favorite sayings is “A standard screwdriver is a great tool, but try to change a flat car tire with it and you will find some obvious inadequacies.” Having the right tool for the job is a luxury in some cases. I believe you deserve to get your advice from “the right tool,” an expert.

Lord knows there are an infinite number of these anecdotes. My favorites come from those with no actual experience that claim to be experts. To everyone that takes advice from sketchy sources, beware and forewarned. For crying out loud, if you’re offering advice, don’t be afraid to say you don’t know.

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