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All Makes on Orchard

I have been spelling vacuumRong” for years, I could never remember if it was 2 C’s or 2 M’s or both. Now that I finally have it right, I have a mixture of happy and sad news to report. My friends Garry and Sandy Ault are retired as of 1-1-11 after 31 years in business.

I first met them at the Fairview Flying Pie. They were regular customers and I needed vacuums as well as a friend in the business for advice and supplies. I could always count on them to have the parts and supplies we needed. He could usually break away and fix most things on the spot. We would quickly wander off into talking about family and business. I suppose my fondness of Garry came from the resemblance he has to my dear Grandpa Ben. Garry and Sandy were inseparable and their dogs were always friendly.

The shop at 615 North Orchard was in an old strip mall in a fairly difficult place for most businesses to survive. As of late it seems to be having a bit of a renaissance with the addition of many ethnic diners.

Garry & Sandy

Garry and Sandy bought the shop in June of 1980s just a few months before I came to Idaho. In 1982 it became the only Western Union telegram shop in the area. So mixed in between all of the vacuum clients they were wiring money all over the world.

Thankfully the shop was sold to a Kirby Vacuum Distributor, another “2 r”  Garry, last name Haskey, who after modernizing the place plans to reopen in a few weeks.

Be sure to welcome him to the neighborhood. The Aults will be sorely missed. Their plans are to get a change of scenery, resting and catching up with all the things that get put aside when you own and work in your own business. They will also be enjoying a well deserved vacation, including an Alaskan cruise.

I suppose they lived the American Dream by being business owners and I wish them well in their retirement. Those hard working hands can get a rest too, my suspicion is that once the neighbors hear of the retirement, their home will be the repair stop for all things mechanical.