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Lions Tigers & Bears Oh My!

Levco Builders is of the belief that specializing is a good thing. Like in the medical profession there is just too much information to know to be an expert at everything.

Most contractors would rather have their spleen removed without anesthesia than have anyone tell them what to do. I believe an Architect is a fine answer, solving all sorts of design issues.

Many clients seek out an Architect or Design professional first, then choose a contractor to bid and build what they created. I go the other way, I advocate selecting the contractor first. I explain that there has never been an Architect or Designer that has regretted having me in on the design process because I bring my own experiences and wisdom to the table.

I recently discovered a new professional designation that I have incorporated into my practice. They are Certified Kitchen and Bath Designers. These folks have dedicated themselves to knowing everything about, you guessed it, kitchens and baths. They attend annual conventions and participate in continuing education, they keep up on trends and materials as well as on modern appliances and building codes. They even have their own association. The NKBA National Kitchen & Bath Association.

It took going to a NARI meeting where the speakers, both Certified Kitchen & Bath Designers, shared their wisdom with the group. I realized at that moment that there were big gaps in my understanding about current trends. Since that meeting several years ago, I have made friends with several designers that are intimately involved in their specialty. They have literally been in thousands of homes and have created countless happy clients. Most of all, they are ready and willing to jump in and lend their assistance to my clients.

Plans and Specs

In discussing projects with potential clients, there are those that know exactly what they want and I am essentially an order taker, that’s OK and straight forward.

Then there are those that just know that their existing situation does not work. They are the ones that need design assistance. Most of my competitors choose to dabble in offering their own design ideas and two cents avoiding design professionals all together. Not to take anything away from them, I’m sure they do a swell job, but my concern has always been, “What if there is a better use of space and we missed the opportunity to hit it out of the park?”

This is why I have teamed up with a group of design professionals. From selecting colors to cabinetry layout to countertop materials, no one wants to regret a choice five years down the road. With Levco having an Architect or a Kitchen & Bath Designer on our team during the Design Phase has proven to be one of the many keys to consistently turning out great projects.

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