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From the front page news  4-15-2012

Dateline  Boise, Idaho.


Levco Builders created a collaborative relationship with Salathe Architecture back in April. Once I realized that we both bring strengths to the table, Robyn and I began working together to improve the remodeling experience of getting from concept through design and material selection. Look for the majority of our projects going through this new program.

To take it a step further, the original process was revamped slightly after several projects to make it even better. In the mean time, I have approached several other architects that I also work with to see if this new program had any traction.

The “New Improved process” involves segmented logical steps along the path to creative design and great documentation, Ken Reed has expressed interest, while Tom Trutna and I are in the middle of a new project using the system.

Let’s face it , most remodelers are reluctant to even admit that they know an architect. They prefer to use their own ideas or get involved after the project is drawn. My belief is that a better results comes form the collaboration created by the client architect and remodeler during the design development stage.

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