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One of these please

As part of our regular remodeling responsibilities, Levco is asked to match up all sorts of original things in homes. This project did not seem like anything out of the ordinary. There had been a flood and some of the ornate stained knotty alder baseboard had been ruined, then discarded by the flood mitigation folks.

Thankfully, the homeowner had saved a piece, assuming it could be matched by the renovation contractor. Unaware of the rare aspects of the molding, I took the piece to Trimco the local molding super store for a little game I like to call “Stump the molding guy” This is a place that does not really cater to the walk-in shopper. I expected them to say, “Oh that’s a 73P620KA, how many lineal feet do you want?” but Noooo, instead they humored me with a blank look, “Not one of ours.” Stunned, I went to the molding board to prove them wrong and match it up myself. UGH! Nothing even close. This does not look like one I can make at my shop either, I thought to myself. Temporarily disoriented and without a plan “B” I gave them a deer in the headlights look, what now I thought?

What the…



The battle lost but the war still raging, Chris Pulley sent me to Idaho Custom Wood Products. I grabbed my sample and hit the road. Upon entering the building and interrupting a group lunch assembly I got the attention of Ken Shockey, the owner. I had a hunch they could solve my problem because they use the old English spelling of the word “Moulding” on their sign. He engaged me with a curious look, he cautiously took the wood from my grasp and after careful inspection said those fitful words, I did not want to hear. “Nope not one of ours” he went to the good book of all patterns and sure enough… I was out of luck again. He even looked at his primary competitor’s book of patterns in an effort to solve my situation. Was a dark cloud of desperation following me around? Just then, a ray of sunlight filled the room when Ken said, “I can make it but it is going to be expensive”

This led to an esoteric discussion about what “expensive” means. Ken, I said, “How do you quantify that word without numbers?” Upon learning the answer, I determined that there was clear overlap between what I was willing to pay and what it cost. We quickly struck a deal and I did the happy dance in his showroom. 10 days later I had my problem solved and a knife blade with this exact pattern enshrined in the Holy Grail book of “mouldings” called, “The Levco Blade” with a sub category of my client’s name.

The Levco Blades & Template

The Levco Blades & Template

Doing the happy dance

Solving problems in a clever seamless way elevates Levco Builders to heroic status. Sadly, a lesser company would have been tripped up at the first NO! Talking about solving problems in my company raises the bar for my client’s expectations and makes my employees realize that anything is possible. Resourcefulness is the coin of the realm here.

Who wouldn’t want Levco on their side when remodeling or rebuilding your precious home?

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