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Levco Turns 15 Years Old

Dateline Boise Idaho 5-5-2020 Levco turned 15 years old in a COVID shrouded small private ceremony. As a good friend said, “most overnight successes take 20 years”. I remember I waited until the 5th to be sure it was a date I could remember 5-5-05. It was a Thursday and I recall being filled with...

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Food, Clothing, and Shelter

Food, Clothing, and Shelter are humanity’s three most basic needs. Levco is all about improving shelter primarily of homes in the North End of Boise. Levco has been a staple of this special area for the past 15 years. As a compassionate person, I belong to Rotary, a wonderful service organization that lives the mantra...

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Levitch Earns Master Certified Remodeler

Dateline Boise Idaho: 4-15-2020 Joe Levitch has earned his MCR (Master Certified Remodeler) through the National Association of the Remodeling Industry. This was achieved by: Being a Certified Remodeler for 10 years. Maintaining his containing education. Remaining active in the local chapter. Remaining active in civics in the community. Having a letter of recommendation. He...

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Wedding Band Reunion

One of our sub-trade partners, a HVAC contractor located a ring in a crawl space of the the home while looking for a place to reroute some duct work. He immediately handed it to our Project Manager Shane, who in turn, presented it to the Home Owner. It turns out it was his long lost...

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Contractor Licensing For Idaho

It may come to pass after all. In an effort to elevate the profession of Remodeling I am taking an active roll in asking my fellow contractors to join the movement to implement contractor licensing for the State of Idaho. Not able to qualify in an adjoining state? No problem move to Idaho, it’s the...

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