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Wedding Band Reunion

One of our sub-trade partners, a HVAC contractor located a ring in a crawl space of the the home while looking for a place to reroute some duct work. He immediately handed it to our Project Manager Shane, who in turn, presented it to the Home Owner. It turns out it was his long lost...

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Contractor Licensing For Idaho

It may come to pass after all. In an effort to elevate the profession of Remodeling I am taking an active roll in asking my fellow contractors to join the movement to implement contractor licensing for the State of Idaho. Not able to qualify in an adjoining state? No problem move to Idaho, it’s the...

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International Day of Gratitude 9-21-2018

This Friday September 21st is the worldwide day of gratitude a day that was brought to light by Paul Tillotson, a man who celebrated it with gusto while he was alive. In part to keep his memory alive, I want to share this amazing day with those who may not know about it. What is...

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Remodeling Forecast for 2019 Projection

A recent publication from  Harvard University is showing a rosy forecast for remodeling in the first half of 2019. The report from the JCHS (Joint center for Housing Studies) This should translate for strong demand and a strengthening of the already robust home improvement economy we have been struggling to support. Thanks to everyone who...

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