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Yes, But I Got A Great Deal

Time after time, we are asked to take care of and fix problems that were caused by a person that “got a great deal. There is no contractor licensing in Idaho. You might think that tile guys are licensed, but they are not. How is a homeowner supposed to know that their tile guy installed...

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If a picture is worth a thousand words, what is a demonstration worth?

I have seen so many examples of this in my life that I completely believe in photography. The digital age has made photography and video second nature. Remember when we had to develop film? Incorporating digital photography and CAD (Computer Aided drafting) I use digital photography all the time, In fact one client mentioned recently...

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Where Did This Tile Come From?

A client of about 3 years ago had a simple request. She wanted to have her master bathroom floor replaced. We had done lots of work in the home that had burned badly in a fire. Joe she said, “Remember when you told me that I should replace my bathroom linoleum floor with tile while...

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What We Do is What Our Client’s Want

The remodeling business is a fickle one. We found ourselves setting up for the 9th annual remodeling home show. Each year we showcase a willing clients home that we have remodeled. Each year someone says…” I would have done it this way or that” My pat answer is always the bottom line is that as...

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Trip To The Brickyard Reveals Long Lost Treasure.

Levco was contacted by the building owner when a car inadvertently jumped a parking bumper and struck the building soundly near the back entrance. The impact pushed the wall in, dislodged the brick wall and ruined several doors. The collision was the unfortunate result of pushing on the wrong pedal at the wrong time. Fortunately,...

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I Told You So!

Occasionally I get the pleasure of telling folks “I told you so”. Rarely does it cause a stir. Here is a short story that worked out for all parties in the end. This case involved an exhausted client and a tile setter that had real life issues. I should have seen the warning signs, but...

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Masonry in Boise?

Dustin miller a second generation tile setter for Levco, and  has been working for us since a call I made to Rod at ASI (The now defunct Architectural Surfaces of Idaho) out of utter frustration with our previous tile setter. Dustin in a phone interview had all the right answers to my questions about shower...

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