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Existing Basement Development Strategies

Love them or hate them basements are one way to add square footage to a home. I find lots of homes have primitive basements but it often takes an act of desperation to decide to develop an existing one into a usable space. I also find the occasional unfinished basement that is just screaming for...

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An amazing basement-waterproofing project

A big rain came to Boise, (two inches in four hours). Water flowed freely into a North End basement room soaking the sheetrocked wall and carpet. A clean up company responded promptly, and after pulling back the carpet, they identified the foundation wall where the water was entering. It looked like it had been happening...

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” Run Away Screaming!”

I occasionally can’t hold back and utter this bit of advice during the inspection of a home, usually when it comes to a decision to buy or not to buy. Over the years it has frustrated potential buyers, but I am not one to beat around the bush. Granted, it has strained an occasional relationship,...

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Solving Water Problems, A Case Study

We were contracted to work on a 32 unit apartment complex here in Boise Idaho to resolve all sorts of problems related to moisture issues. The evidence was obvious,  resulting in bacterial growth or MOLD, AKA the “M” word. Living on the edge of a desert, these things are fairly rare, but this building was...

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Batt Insulation

This project was a fairly straight forward insulation project with a vented area above the insulation that will allow for proper venting and circulation that will prevent condensation and moisture problems. Normally Visqueen is stapled to the walls over the insulation then the drywall is placed over it. We base our decision not to use...

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