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Flipping Causes Headaches & Ruptured Wallets

Flipping a house means that someone bought the house with the intention of adding value to resell for a profit. Sadly, this practice has been abused, it used to be a noble profession. Heck I did it all over my neighborhood for years before I became a business. Sadly, flipping has been bastardized into a...

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Evaluating Problems in Existing Homes

Once you get enough experience at something you begin to get a reputation. My reputation as a strong remodeler and a problem solver gets me into some interesting situations. Using best practices is our guide to making it right. Home Evaluations for Hire I have been asked to evaluate homes for all sorts of issues...

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What Secrets Are Held In A Home?

A home is more than a house, this is obvious to me. I believe it is the culmination of ideas and a design to shelter a family from the elements. It is the place where once was only dirt. Someone took action and created a structure with purpose. Someone made an investment that would pay...

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House #1 The Love Shack

The name of this home comes from the B52’s song of the same name that was on the radio at just the right time. Flipping is an art form, now that the acquisition is done. Evaluating our current conditions and developing a plan for success was the first order of business.  My vision for this...

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” Run Away Screaming!”

I occasionally can’t hold back and utter this bit of advice during the inspection of a home, usually when it comes to a decision to buy or not to buy. Over the years it has frustrated potential buyers, but I am not one to beat around the bush. Granted, it has strained an occasional relationship,...

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Home Evaluation

I recently had the wonderful experience of providing my powers of observation and interpreted a few home inspections. No I am not a certified inspector but I know my way around a home. This all stemmed from the NARI home tour and a family that was anxious to find a home in Boise’s North End,...

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