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What is “Track-Out” and how do we deal with it?

What is “Track-out?” Track out is just like it sounds, a situation where a vehicle in most cases travels into soft soil and tracks the soil out of the job site. Minor track-out: Usually dust or light gravel, often seen with heavy traffic over a period of days or more Medium track-out: Any trail of...

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Garage Be Gone

Local architects Sherry Mckibben and Doug Cooper knew they wanted to be considerate of the environment when they decided to decommission their 100 year old garage to make way for progress and a new duplex on their north end property. It only took a little internet research for them to land on the Reuse People’s...

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Earth Day 2014 Update

Every April 22nd we celebrate Earth Day, This is set aside to remember or continue to do something nice for mother earth. Boise, Idaho was still able to muster enough interest for an event that celebrates sustainability in all of its forms called the Idaho Green Fest. The RRP Rule 2014 Back in 2010 the...

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Levco’s Earth Day 2015 Update

Every April 22nd we celebrate Earth Day, This is set aside to remember or continue to do something nice for mother earth. This year we are starting our garden. The RRP Rule 2015 Back in 2010 the EPA established federal guidelines for dealing with Lead Based Paint. It chimes in with the outlawing of Lead...

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Let’s Talk Energy

Here in Southwest Idaho we enjoy all four seasons of the year. This is a fairly close held secret “we don’t get the extremes or any of life threatening stuff much of the rest of the country has to deal with.” We are also blessed with a relatively low energy rates both electricity and natural...

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Fire Safety Moment

Today’s Safety Moment is all about fire. Although much less prevalent than a decade or two ago, it seems that fire is always in the news. There is usually at least one local story a month about a residential fire that cleans folks, and most of their personal belongings, out of their dwelling I recall...

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Reclaimed Lumber At Work

Levco recently had several opportunities to work with reclaimed lumber. It was a hugely gratifying experience on a number of levels. The idea of keeping stuff out of the landfill and creating functional components out of them, not only tickles my artistic side, it soothes my thrifty, sustainable side as well. By using reclaimed lumber...

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Emergency Preparedness, Do You Have What You Need?

We live in a stable but fairly fragile state. Emergencies happen all the time and all over the world. Those that think we are immune are living in a Hurricane Katrina denial fantasy. I used to joke about people living in areas that are devastated annually with floods. I also had quips (that I thought...

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A Trip to the Landfill

As a contractor that boasts of our Green Remodeling techniques, Levco is conscious and aware of our environmental impact. One of our 4 pillars of Green Remodeling is resource conservation. Through our process of remodeling your home, lots of debris is generated. What we can’t easily recycle or reused goes off to the Ada County...

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