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TR Tamper Resistant or Totally Ruined

The 2008 NEC (National Electrical Code) required electricians to install TR or Tamper Resistant outlets in areas that could be abused by children. As the code was adopted gradually from township to township, the little devices were put on the market and the rules started to be enforced. The code reads that if a child...

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Change Orders happen

Change Orders are a form used to note things that have “changed” from the original DOW (Description of work). They may be designated for additional funds, negative funds, or neutral. The most important part is that they confirm and document that something was changed and that all parties are aware of it. At Levco, we...

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Building Terminology Translator

This is a snapshot of commonly used terms around our job sites when Levco is remodeling in Boise Idaho. Being familiar with them will help everyone understand or translate construction lingo with an end goal of overall better communication. The list will grow as we think of more obscure terms. Feel free to comment on...

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